Editor's Corner

When we first launched FierceIPTV last November I made a prediction, partially in jest, that the day the top Google ranking for "IPTV" no longer belonged to Iowa Public Television would be the day that IPTV "made it."

While the U.S. is just beginning to shed its regulatory issues and large commercial deployments are less than a year away, deployments overseas have progressed dramatically, especially in Asia. As predicted, Europe is ahead of the U.S. with IPTV deployments scheduled in nearly every major country. Determining the validity of subscriber base claims still presents an issue to those gauging the industry's success as does the confusion of the term "IPTV" with "Internet TV."

But the true harbinger of success has come, and IPTV.org is now not just in second place, but in fourth place on the Google ranking for "IPTV." Microsoft TV now holds the coveted first and second spots while the all-knowing Wikipedia page for Internet Protocol Television takes the bronze. Yes, friends, the celebratory day is upon us, I'm just sorry I didn't notice it sooner. - Brian