Enjoy the holiday, watch the wires

I'll go ahead and tell you that FierceCable will not publish Monday due to the July 4 holiday, even though my good friend Jim Bathold already scooped me on that news yesterday.

It's just like Jim to steal headlines away from the guy chosen to fill his shoes for a couple weeks (and trust me, that's as long as anyone would want to wear shoes Jim has worn). Hopefully, I'll get to bug him for a quote in his new role at NPD Group one of these days, and the FierceCable audience will get to pick apart his observations like crows pulling apart a worm.

Just kidding, Jim. With Jim's departure, FierceCable is losing a legend in cable TV industry reportage, and I just hope to keep up and keep you informed for the next couple of weeks. I won't sell myself that short though. I have been covering and/or follow cable TV, broadband and related topics for a number of years myself, and I can tell you--as well as you know yourself--that the coming weeks and months will be an interesting time for the cable TV sector.

I'm personally hoping some big news breaks soon about a possible Hulu sale, since that should radically alter what has been an uneasy relationship between the online TV juggernaut and the broadcasters and service providers of the sector. Meanwhile, FierceCable should be bursting with news in coming months about such topics as iPad TV viewing apps, Google TV (Nasdaq: GOOG), AllVid, cable TV industry consolidation, triple play competition, cable telephony, Net Neutrality (boo), and of course, a la carte services, among other subjects.

Have a Happy 4th!--Dan