Entone, VUDU team for OTT over IPTV

IPTV set-top box residential gateway vendor Entone has partnered up with over-the-top video player VUDU to integrate VUDU's OTT capabilities and movie library into an Entone receiver. The partnership marks a significant step by VUDU to offer its services on platforms other than its own video player box.

The move potentially could greatly broaden the capabilities and content that IPTV service providers offer their customers, as many of them previously have struggled with how to integrate OTT offerings usually accessed via PCs with their other TV-based content and services such as HDTV and DVR. The partnership will allow them to offer both OTT and IPTV through their TVs without having to pursue more programming rights or create a new video-on-demand structure if VoD is something they don't have yet. Those benefits should be particularly attractive to small service providers or others who have been on the fence about augmenting their content offerings.

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