Entone, VUDU unveil integrated products

Following a partnership announcement made last year, IPTV vendor Entone and online video player VUDU have unveiled the fruits of their cooperation. The pair are targeting telcos and other service providers with VUDU-enabled versions of Entone's Janus Media Hub and Amulet IPTV Receiver. The offerings leverage VUDU Apps, a cloud-based video content offering, the VUDU Movie Service and other features.

Count the partnership's pitch as another way for telcos to pursue a hybrid video strategy. VUDU has long been modeled as an alternative to expensive IPTV investments, but the hybrid evolution has altered the market enough that lining up with a proven IPTV gear vendor could broaden its appeal for telcos who made the IPTV investment and are now looking to protect that investment in a hybrid world.

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Here's the press release via Business Wire

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