Epix offers offline viewing; CBS All Access headed to Android TV, Apple TV

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> Around 57 percent of all respondents in a pay-TV survey sponsored by Rovi had given cord cutting either "a lot of" thought or "some" thought. Release

> Epix said it will offer users the ability to download movies for offline viewing. Release

> Comcast Business announced the creation of a new Enterprise Services unit that will offer "Broadband, Ethernet, Voice, Router, Security, Business Continuity and Wi-Fi." Release

> Media General said it signed a long-term affiliation deal with ABC TV through 2021. Release

> CBS All Access is now available on Android TV. Release. The company also said the service will be available on Apple TV. 9to5Mac article

Telecom News

> CenturyLink may be scaling its IPTV video business with over 2.6 million addressable households as of the end of the second quarter, but the telco has asked the FCC to eliminate non-duplication and syndicated exclusivity rules in order to get more competitive content rates. Article

Online Video News

> TV Broadcasters and the pay-TV industry are struggling to unify traditional video delivery with OTT strategy. Editor's Corner

> Traditional broadcasters and cable operators hoping to go over the top need to throw away the old business models in which the company knows what's best for its customers. Instead, they need to listen to their customers -- and own the content they provide. According to OTT-focused executives from MLB Advanced Media, Australian Broadcasting Company and others at IBC, that's the only way they'll find success with viewers. Article

Installer News

> Cincinnati Bell traditionally shied away from offering a dark fiber, but having built out fiber to serve its consumer and business units it sees it as a part of its service evolution. Article

> AT&T, CenturyLink and Google Fiber have gained a new edge in FTTH construction processes. Editor's Corner

European Wireless News

> Liberty Global chairman John Malone admitted the company is no closer to agreeing on an asset swap with UK-headquartered Vodafone after around three months of talks. Article

Wireless News

> AT&T Mobility quietly increased the amount of data customers on its legacy unlimited data plans can burn through before they see their speeds throttled. Previously, the upper limit was 5 GB but the carrier has increased the threshold to 22 GB in a change that takes effect today. Article

And finally… Apple is delaying the release of watchOS 2 due to a bug. Article