ES3, Pace develop consumer-focused troubleshooting apps for Mediaroom

IPTV application development company ES3 has teamed with set-top-box maker Pace on a series of apps for Microsoft's Mediaroom platform that allows users to view connected devices on the home network, add new devices, troubleshoot issues in the network and manage settings of their Pace residential gateway.

"We are excited about the opportunity to work (with Pace) to deliver innovative interactive television applications that leverage the power of the connected devices in the home network," said Doug Edwards, CEO of ES3. "This truly is a great example of two ecosystem partners coming together to explore synergies and creating a very strong value proposition for both service operators and their customers."

The apps provide simplified access to manage devices in the home network, manage settings on the RG and provide methods for self-help in troubleshooting issues in the home network, all through a user-friendly interactive experience on the TV.

"This initiative has enabled Pace to find new ways of leveraging our residential gateway, management systems, and set-top box products to address some of the fundamental business problems IPTV operators are confronting today," said John Grady, senior director of strategic alliances at Pace. "For example, subscribers can now restore television service using our guided resolution flows with the click of a button, reducing the need for expensive customer support calls or technician visits."

The apps will be showcased at Fusion 2011, a Pace customer event in Las Vegas this month.

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