Euro IPTV growth driven by local loop access

IPTV World Forum this week throws the spotlight on the world's most dynamic IPTV market: Europe. Understanding the Europe IPTV story and the drivers which have underpinned the rapid deployment of IPTV in that market gives insight to the pre-conditions needed to fuel global IPTV growth.

Our special feature this week looks behind the Western European market to identify the key drivers and impediments of growth in the most mature IPTV market. And while overall growth is strong, the report finds wide disparities in growth and innovation.  Markets like France and Scandinavia are powering while markets such as the U.K. and Germany continue to struggle to get any critical mass.

The key theme that emerges is the critical importance of unbundling the local loop as the enabler to creating the competition necessary to drive price and feature innovation. Nowhere is that more obvious than in the comparison between France and Germany. France actively enforces an open local loop and has three big and competitive players. Germany is still fighting unbundling and the incumbent telco, Deutsche Telecom is only now getting serious about deployment. Be sure to read our special report on the key drivers for European IPTV growth - Tom