Ex-Bellhead Craddock to retire from Comcast

Steve Craddock, senior vice president of new technology at cable TV giant Comcast, is set to retire on June 30. Confirmation of his retirement came during the industry's annual convention, The Cable Show, in New Orleans. Craddock was already a veteran Bell system technologist when he left Bell Atlantic (now known, multiple mergers later, as Verizon Communications) in 1994, just as the cable TV industry was beginning its broadband adventure and the traditional telco industry was experiencing its first delays in rolling out DSL. At Comcast, Craddock led the company's efforts in the cable modem business as Comcast and the cable TV industry jumped out to a huge lead in setting up customers with high-speed Internet connections. Back in the 1990s, it looked as if his departure from Bell Atlantic could be part of a trend of established telco technologists moving to cable. That trend may never have developed as fully as expected, but the cable modem express rolls on--Comcast now is preparing for the latest cable modem evolution with DOCSIS 3.0.

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