Exterity, Enabledware join up on IPTV for Premier League football

London-based Premier League Fullham Football Club is the first organization to experience a venue-wide IPTV platform provided via a partnership between enterprise technology provider Exterity and media content delivery software provider Enabledware.

The partnership combines Enabledware's Venue IPTV middleware and Exterity's IPTV headend and receive products to create a platform to distribute media content throughout a site or venue. Fullham FC is using the platform to distribute graphics, sports data, live and pre-recorded content on a concourse channel, video scoreboards and screens in the hospitality suites at its home stadium in London.

In addition to the platform's baseline use, it can also be installed in a conference center to power local digital screens or expanded to support parallel online conferences, the partner companies said.

"Our customers seek to consolidate their media management under one roof, offer additional services and reduce operational cost (and the platform) eliminates the need for systems to manage live video, external data feeds, digital signage and video and audio streaming," said Sean Tabatabai, Enabledware's CEO in a press release.

Exterity's technology takes terrestrial or satellite TV and radio channels and puts them on an IP network as standard MPEG streams that can be delivered to standard TVs and audio visual displays. Enabledware provides software that lets clients manage and deliver media content hosted in the cloud to a wide range of devices.

"With this partnership, Exterity and Enabledware are offering a unique opportunity for sports teams, venues and stadia customers to bring unified video based communications into the center of their operation, extending the fan experience and personalizing every screen," Exterity CEO Colin Farquhar explained in the press release.

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