F&S: Asia-Pac IPTV subs to soar 51 percent

Market research firm Frost & Sullivan has a new analysis forecasting that there will be about 9.4 million IPTV subscribers in the Asia-Pacific region by the end of this year, which would represent 51 percent growth over last year. That means the region will account for 37.6 percent of the global IPTV subscribers, according to a Frost & Sullivan press release.

Frost & Sullivan analyst Adeel Najam says in the release that Asia-Pac is near to becoming the second largest regional IPTV market in the world, after Western Europe. The region analyzed includes 14 countries, and Najam expects growth to continue to be strong through 2014, when there are likely to be 23.5 million subscribers there. WorldScreen.com notes that only eight Asia-Pac countries had launched IPTV services as of 2008.

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