Facebook moves to steal video chat thunder

By now, everyone has heard that Facebook and Skype have teamed up to launch Skype video chat services via Facebook. It is a good bet that many more people have heard about it than heard about Comcast's (Nasdaq: CMCSA) recent move to bring Skype video chat to the TV.

Does that mean Facebook wins again, and the network operators of the world like Comcast go back to monitoring their dumb pipes? Not exactly. The Facebook move may show how timely Comcast's development of a Skype TV chat service actually is, and though it is still in the development stages, Comcast's Skype TV app appears to be aimed at a different part of the market-people who are watching a lot of TV and want to do more social networking through their TVs, rather than doing everything through Facebook.

Video chat is a big, growing opportunity, and for now a universe that has enough room everyone from pay TV operators to mobile operators to Facebook to Skype to certain Washington-based software giants who recognize its huge potential.

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