Faith-based 3D TV; Virgin Media focusing on on-demand 3D

> CatholicTV is using 3D "in an effort to reach younger people and to make the faith message more vivid." The network put several 3D shows on the Internet and released its monthly magazine in 3D. It even provided glasses to see the content. Eventually it plans to offer three dimensional broadcast programs as well. Story.

> In other 3D TV news, Virgin Media has backed away from the launch of a 3D TV channel and said it will offer the content as part of an on-demand service. Story.

> A South Carolina movie director who also happens to be a lawyer and former state lawmaker is suing HBO and Showtime because he says they promoted a comedy movie he wrote about Appalachia called "The Hills Have Thighs" but showed an adult film of the same name instead. "I saw a set of thighs and realized instantly that wasn't my movie," said James Bubba Cromer. Story.

> Video management and distribution vendor ExtendMedia has added functionality to its technology that lets media companies deliver TV Everywhere services to mobile devices, game platforms, set-top boxes and Internet connected HDTVs. Story.

> Showtime Networks has adopted the Softel MediaSphere ITV platform and is now the first TV network in the U.S. distributing enhanced TV using the Enhanced TV Binary Interchange Format (EBIF) applications. Story.