Fastweb shares lessons learned

Fastweb is one of the most successful IPTV service providers in Europe, with more than 350,000 subscribers to its service. Fastweb exec Paolo Agostinelli participated in a conference call yesterday and shared a few of the company's lessons learned:

  • Video on Demand is most popular with the kids, so be sure to have plenty of children's programming. Fifty percent of Fastweb's VOD consumption comes from sales of kids' shows.
  • Customers want a focused video offering, not a triple play.
  • Offering replays of TV broadcasts up to three days later has proved immensely popular.
  • The long tail of content is actually still quite short when it comes to user acceptance.

While Fastweb's list is quite provocative, it may better serve as a schooling in the ways of the Italian TV market.

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