FCC auction rules tossed; Verizon trims broadband investment

> A U.S. court has tossed a pair of FCC auction rules that said small businesses had to hold winning wirelesses spectrum for at least 10 years before trying to resell it. The rules also said those same small businesses could not lease the spectrum to third parties for more than 50 percent. Story.

> Verizon (NYSE: VZ) has reportedly cut back wireline capital spending by about $2 billion this year as part of a $7 billion cutback over four years and AT&T (NYSE: T) has slowed its U-Verse investment by about a third. Story.

> Clearwire (Nasdaq: CLWR) is teasing the media--and probably everyone else with access and interest in the news release portion of its website--with an announcement that it will hold a webcast Aug. 30 "to unveil its plans to serve a new customer segment." News release.

> Some teasing, like Clearwire's above, is good. Other is just considered misinformation. BT (NYSE: BT) found that out when the Advertising Standards Authority banned a claim that BT was "rolling out up to 20 meg speeds." Story.

And finally... there may be some new business opportunities cropping up in Russia thanks to an ongoing consolidation of the pay-TV market there. Story.