FCC prepares to do battle with wireless; Liberty Media may put Starz up for sale

> Here's a good reason for cable to stay away from mobile wireless. The FCC is ready to do battle with wireless providers over sticker shock--or monthly bill shock, perhaps--that consumers are reporting. Story.

> Liberty Media CEO Greg Moffett has signaled to some that his Starz Entertainment premium cable network group could be on the market. Story.

> Looking for a new place to invest in cable TV? Try Brazil, where a regulatory change should "finally allow telecommunications operators to satisfy their growing interest in the pay TV market." Story.

> Speaking of pay TV-and continuing the international trend of this section-Britain's leading pay TV company British Sky Broadcasting Group (BSkyB)is finalizing a deal to buy Virgin Media's TV channels for about 150-160 million pounds. That's a middleweight deal there. Story.

> Next thing you know they'll be claiming they invented it. Word is that Russia could make a "quantum jump" directly from analog to 3D TV, skipping all that digital transition mess along the way. Story.

> Closer to home, Mediacom Communications has signaled it will use Clearleap technology to deliver VoD content and advertising to about 1.35 million subscribers in 1,400 communities. Story.