FCC rethinking media ownership rules; Congress to review 1996 Telecommunications Act

>  It's somewhat interesting that even as the FCC is mulling Comcast's bid to acquire broadcast behemoth NBC Universal, it's being asked to take another look at its media ownership rules to see if they still serve the public by limiting media ownership. Story.

> Meanwhile, Congress continues to take its own look at the 1996 Telecommunications Act as staffers hold meetings with "shareholders" on communications policy in upcoming weeks. Story.

> Who says there's nothing on TV? Four members of Congress are using on-demand service to air their message to constituents. Supposedly 830,000 homes in Washington, D.C. can access the congressional messages via their cable on-demand services. Story.

> In India, television is the largest segment of entertainment so it's not surprising that a CBS unit is teaming with Reliance Broadcast Network to launch television channels of CBS content using either direct-to-home or cable as the delivery method. Story.

And finally... Speaking of overseas television, a report from Informal Telecoms & Media says that the Asia Pacific region will have more than 400 million pay TV subscribers by 2015 generating more than $40 billion in revenues. Cable will dominate the space with about 43 percent of the households. Story.