FCC's retransmission reply comments expected to repeat earlier claims

While the FCC is dutifully collecting reply comments on its retransmission consent rule review, it's unlikely either of the calcified sides in the argument--broadcasters who see nothing wrong with the process and service providers who think "tweaks," at the very least, are in order--have changed positions.

"Pay TV providers, consumer groups, elected officials, sports fans and public interest groups across the political spectrum are all calling for reform while broadcasters sit alone in the dark supporting the broken status quo," the cable-friendly American Television Alliance (ATVA) summed up in a canned statement. "With six retrans blackouts already this year, the FCC clearly must eliminate market-distorting rules and protect customers.

At the very least the FCC is hoping to clear the smoke that puffs up every time a broadcaster and service provider go to the mats over retransmission consent fees and other issues. At the very least, the federal body would like to clearly define good faith negotiations to give it a point of leverage when negotiations, as has happened frequently, go bad.

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