FEATURE: EXCLUSIVE: Interview with LiveStation's Matteo Berlucchi

LiveStation developer Matteo Berlucchi discusses Microsoft-backed project

The recent online demo of LiveStation, the new P2P video platform, ignited buzz about its potential to overpower Joost. The comparison was likely instigated because both systems use a peer-to-peer platform, and both are in beta, but that's where the similarities end.

Unlike the video-on-demand Joost model, LiveStation streams live television broadcasts using a Pastry P2P architecture and the Microsoft Silverlight front-end, described by Matteo Berlucchi as "very glossy."

"And it matters, because people like glossy," he said. "We find it very sexy for this user interface."

Berlucchi is co-founder and CEO of Skinkers, the London-based company behind LiveStation. The project has received a raft of attention framed as Microsoft's Joost play, but Berlucchi emphasizes that LiveStation belongs to Skinkers, of which Microsoft has a minority stake.

Berlucchi has graciously made the limited beta version of LiveStation available to FierceIPTV Editor Deborah McAdams, who will review it in the coming weeks. In the meantime, McAdams spoke with Berlucchi about the project:

FierceIPTV: How does LifeStation differ from sites like TVU Networks (formerly Viidoo), which offer live broadcasting through real-time packet replication?

Berlucchi: "We believe the television experience on the computer should resemble as much as possible, real television. People are so familiar with the concept of channels, they will want to have channels, they don't want to download individual players from CBS, CNN the BBC…

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