That total was driven up by significant activity during the fourth quarter totaling $4.31 billion.

CBS and Nielsen have not reached an agreement for TV audience measurement in 2019, and now CBS is going public with criticism of the ratings company.

The New York attorney general’s office hit Charter with a $174 million consumer fraud settlement.

Limelight last week lowered its guidance for fiscal 2018, but analysts at Cowen Equity Research see reasons to be optimistic about 2019.

Netflix could be facing a licensed content shortfall. But the company's aggressive original content strategy should make up for it.

Reddit doesn’t typically get lumped in with massive internet video platforms, but that will change if the website continues growing its video traffic.

Hulu announced that it will be the first streaming TV service to allow subscribers to pay for service using the mobile payment service Venmo.

Discovery’s recent deals putting its channels on streaming TV services Sling TV and Hulu with Live TV will be big contributors to its audience totals.