FiOS customers feel impact of Verizon strike; Obama threatens to veto GOP's net neutrality-gutting bill

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> Google Fiber chief executive Craig Barratt says the company is experimenting with a number of new technologies to connect wireless towers to existing fiber lines. Re/code story

> Netflix began presenting the new season of original series Marco Polo in 4K and HDR this week. Digital Trends story

> The White House has threatened to veto a GOP bill that would gut the FCC's net neutrality rules. White House statement

> Netflix has the lowest churn among the major OTT suppliers, according to a new Parks Associates report. CED Magazine story

Telecom News

> Verizon's wireline workforce strike may be only two days old, but already the company's customers are feeling its effects as FiOS Internet and TV customers are seeing service installation delays. Article

> CenturyLink is taking another shot in the special access war, saying that Windstream's request for the FCC to mandate that ILECs continue to unbundle next-gen DS1/DS3 loops should be denied. Article

Wireless News

> Verizon ended a flurry of promotions yesterday, killing a buy-one, get-one-free deal on the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge as well as its offer to pay up to $650 in early termination fees for users who switch carriers. Verizon's offer of half off a second Droid to users who buy two Droids through its equipment installment plan also expired. Article

> AT&T's prepaid service provider Cricket Wireless unveiled an unlimited talk, text and data plan for $70 a month, touting "a network that is bigger than T-Mobile's." Cricket also offers a $5 monthly "auto pay credit" for users who set up automatic payments, and the sum includes monthly taxes and fees. Article

And finally… Showing just now niche and fragmented the modern media landscape has become, YouTube's surprisingly satisfying "Hydraulic Press Channel" features what appears to be an Arris high-definition set-top box getting crushed and its remote shattered after a dip in liquid nitrogen. Video