FiOS TV remote makes mobile connection

Telco TV players have been moving toward more integration between their mobile and TV services, with remote DVR scheduling via mobile phone one example. Now, Verizon Communications is taking the innovation a step further by enabling a feature on the Motorola Droid and the HTC Imagio that allows the phones to act as TV remote controls for FiOS TV. The phones can change channels and also administer typical DVR functions, but additional features include the ability to transfer photos from handset to TV, or a favorite TV watch list from the TV to the phone.

Does it spell the end of the traditional TV remote? Probably, and also, who cares? Maybe companies that only make TV remotes, if such a thing exists. Actually, this is a pretty cool app, though the writing has been on the wall for this kind of feature for a long time.

For more:
- Here's Verizon's announcement

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