First shoe drops: Comcast consolidates programming teams

The first of what promises to be an Imelda Marcos-level closet full of shoes has dropped for the new Comcast-NBCUniversal. Multichannel News reports that the newly formed team is phasing out jobs in Philadelphia's Comcast Center as it moves programming and network distribution teams to NBCUniversal's Englewood Cliffs, N.J. facility.

The story said that the relocation will happen after Labor Day. Comcast Philadelphia employees will be given an opportunity to bid for a job with NBCU or take a buyout. For the geographically challenged, Englewood is about a two-hour trek from Philadelphia. Another consideration, the story said, is that the New Jersey team will employ fewer people than the two organizations do now.

The report further said that Brad Fox, executive vice president of affiliate sales and marketing at Comcast Networks has been told his job was being eliminated--although there is still some hope for the 20-year veteran.

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- Multichannel News has this story

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