Flash interface unveiled for Joost

A new browser-based Flash interface for Joost has emerged. Indie software developer Paul Yanez of San Diego, Calif., has a "proof-of-concept" model that's described in reports as a "faithful representation of the Joost" player, only maybe a bit better.

This can only help Joost, which remains in beta, even after having amassed 1 million registered users. The Joost player is not the simplest application to navigate. The early versions took over an entire computer display when launched and didn't present easily located escape options. Then, as with any proprietary media player, there are those infernal updates--which in this case drove Yanez to start coding. If his Flash interface works as described, users won't be bothered with updates. Yanez has Apple TV and Wii video-viewing skins in the works.

The news that Joost reached the 1 million threshold came out of Estonia last week, where co-founder and Skype CEO Niklas Zennström spoke at a Skype press event. Joost has yet to announce when it will officially launch.

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