For Cablevision and Time Warner Cable, data overtakes the coax pipeline from TV

Jeffrey Hirsch, Time Warner CableHigh-speed Internet service has stepped out of the coaxial pipeline to take over the front-line pitch for cable operators who are now focusing the bulk of their marketing efforts on data first and TV second. Data, of course, creates a bigger revenue stream than TV which continues to cost the providers more money all the time. In fact, data is becoming such a key element in a cable operator's subscriber pitch that more MSOs are starting to offer broadband-only options--a policy unthinkable only a few years ago in the video-centric industry. FierceCable editor Steve Donohue takes a close look at this trend. Read more

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Charter Communications said it will add five “Latino targeted TV networks” to its Spectrum TV lineup.

Among pay TV subscribers and broadband-only subscribers, YouTube and Netflix were among the favorite services featured in makeshift video bundles.

Charter argues that the data caps rules were imposed so that Charter wouldn’t hurt OTT video players by limiting their traffic on its network.