Fox, Cablevision CEOs get verbal spanking from Genachowski

Push has come to shove, and FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski is getting more than a little impatient with the "petty gamesmanship" being exhibited by Fox and Cablevision.

Chairman Genachowski phoned the CEOs of both companies and let them know that the FCC would be looking into whether they're negotiating in good faith, reminding both that the feds can step in if one side or another isn't.

"I reminded the companies that they share responsibility for consumer disruption, and that they shouldn't punish consumers because of their unwillingness to reach a deal," he said. "I also insisted that they negotiate in good faith. We will continue to scrutinize their actions very closely."

In what can only be a sign that the chats with the media moguls keeping baseball fans in parts of New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania from watching Game 3 of the National League Playoffs (and tonight's episode of Fox hit Glee!) didn't go well, Genachowski said he was "deeply troubled that Cablevision and Fox are spending more time attacking each other through ads and lobbyists than sitting down at the negotiating table. The time for petty gamesmanship is over."

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