Freestyle Games looks into IPTV; Vodafone, Deutsche Telekom sign IPTV pact

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@FierceIPTV RT @eggerton: AT&T, NAB team up to criticize FCC notice on band (spectrum) plan. Article | Follow @FierceIPTV

> FreeStyle Games (which incidentally featured synth-pop group Daft Punk in its DJ Hero game before they took off in the U.S.) is hiring an IPTV gaming producer to lead "the development of new multi-platform games with specific emphasis on online infrastructure-heavy video applications." Story

> Vodafone Deutschland signed a preliminary contract that lets Deutsche Telekom deliver IPTV services over its fiber network. Story

> Belgium's Mobistar has suspended marketing of its fixed products on the residential market until it gets more favorable regulation and cease Mobistar TV on Sept. 15. Story

> China's Shanghai Media Group subsidiary BesTV New Media has formed an IPTV joint venture with CNTV, the online TV service operated by broadcaster China Central Television. Story

> TalkTalk added 150,000 TV subscribers to its network over the last financial year and now boasts 230,000 IPTV subscribers. Story

> WISI Communications has developed a set-top device for Multi Screen Content Management System that combines HbbTV with conventional IPTV. Story

> Telco Telefonica is feeling the effects of a deep Spanish recession, reporting a 19-percent year-on-year decline in pay-TV customers in the first quarter of 2013 which ended with 659,900 customers, compared with 710,700 in the last quarter of 2012 and 812,900 a year earlier. Story

> Managed IPTV services penetration is set to double to 10 percent in Russia over the next five years, according to consultants J'Son & Partners. Story

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> While no cable operators or satellite TV providers have begun transmitting programming in Ultra HD format, that's not stopping Sony Electronics from kicking off a marketing campaign for its new line of 4K Ultra HD TVs. Article

Online Video News

> More potential bidders have emerged for Hulu, and incumbent pay-TV distributors are now said to be among those interested in the online video company. Article

And finally … Russian regional fixed operator MGTS has started providing IPTV services the GPON network for eight large hotels in Moscow. Story

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