Fresh off its Cisco CPE acquisition, Technicolor takes aim at Arris

Fresh off its acquisition of Cisco's CPE unit, Technicolor is looking to take on market leader Arris in the business of selling video set-tops, routers and other customer premises equipment. Even with the acquisition, however, the French-owned media tech company still only controls 14 percent of the market compared to about 24 percent for Arris, putting it at a distinct disadvantage in terms of scale. 

Still, Technicolor believes that its ongoing partnership with Cisco, as well as its leadership position in emerging technologies such as High Dynamic Range (HDR) and virtual reality, will help it close the gap. "Our vision for the connected home business at Technicolor is that it is not only going to be about boxes, whether these are gateways or set-top boxes... but it is also about software and about applications that we are selling to our customers," said Michel Rahier,, president of Technicolor's Connected Home division, to Light Reading.  

"Some of those applications are likely indeed to be in the cloud going forward," he added. "And the offering to our customers in the medium/long term is likely to be a combination of boxes, different ones than today... sold together with applications that will be delivered by Technicolor in partnership with people that are working in the cloud." Article