GCI launches HSPA wireless Internet service in Anchorage, in advance of LTE competitor

Top Alaskan cable operator GCI (Nasdaq: GNCMA) launched 4G Internet service Monday in the Anchorage area, offering subscribers download speeds of up to 21 Mbps.

The move could help GCI stave off competition from rival Alaska Communications Systems (ACS), which said in June that it would spend $32 million to build its own 4G network. GCI is building a High Speed Packet Access (HSPA) plus network for its 4G service, while ASC is building an LTE network for its 4G offering. 

In addition to the launch in Anchorage, GCI said it will extend its 4G network to several other cities in Alaska by the end of 2011. The triple-play provider said it will also upgrade its wireless network in some communities to offer subscribers mobile Internet access at 3G speeds.

GCI is offering several pricing packages for its 4G and 3G services ranging from $9.99 monthly for a package that allows subscribers to download up to 300 MB of data to $99 monthly for a package that includes 20,000 MB of data. It is charging customers that exceed the caps on its data packages $15 per every 1,000 MB of data consumed.

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