Genachowski waffles on retransmission disputes; TV groups team on mobile DTV

> FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski may have muddied the retransmission fee waters with comments he made to the National Association of Broadcasters when he said he prefers that the marketplace resolve these issues but was not happy with "sudden program interruptions" or how retransmission costs might lead to higher cable fees. "Some ask, is 'free TV' really free when cable rates go up because of transmission fees?" he said. Story.

> Speaking of broadcasters, they're looking at all kinds of ways to jack up a flagging business while hanging onto spectrum that the FCC covets. As such, it's hardly surprising that a dozen TV groups have teamed up in a standalone joint venture to provide content and spectrum for a national mobile DTV service "Pearl Mobile DTV Company LLC. Story.

> You know the old saying, those that can, do, those that can't whine--or something like that. Verizon, which was left off the course when cable showed the Masters Tournament in 3D, is whining that it won't be doing any 3D TV until the technology works, unlike others who it implies are rushing into the space. Story.

> Broadband and pay TV services will drive new revenues for Central American telecommunications providers who are losing landline customers, says a report by Signals Telecom Consulting. Story.

> The real estate market can't be that bad these days. Next One Interactive and Comcast Spotlight, the MSO's advertising sales division, are teaming to introduce the "Homes TV on Demand" channel for prospective house-hunters in 70 U.S. markets. News release.