Genachowski warns of broadband lag, Biden sees stimulus help

A weak broadband infrastructure makes the U.S. an international also-ran, FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski told a summit on high-speed Internet communications at almost the same time his boss (or one of them), Vice President Joe Biden, speaking at the White House, supported the Obama Administration's use of stimulus funds to seed national broadband development.

"Standing still on broadband is falling behind," Genachowski warned.

One way to move forward, Biden said, is to plant seed money with private sector firms to invest in broadband. "The smart utility, the universal broadband, these are the foundations upon which innovative businesses can build what they go out and discover and innovate. That's what really this is all about-giving American entrepreneurs and American businesses the tools to do what you all do best."

The National Broadband Plan will probably be top of the list Sept. 20-21 at the 2010 Pennsylvania Broadband Summit where former FCC honcho Blair Levin, who oversaw its development will outline his thoughts on the subject. Also on the program, Former Fort Wayne, Ind. Mayor Graham Richard.

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