Get ready for World IPv6 Day; French embrace triple play

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> Broadband-focused service providers and vendors should need no reminder that World IPv6 Day is June 8. That's the day when big IP site operators like Google (Nasdaq: GOOG), Facebook and Yahoo will "test their readiness for IPv6" as the number of IPv4 addresses dwindles to a precious few. Story.

> Who says the French hate everything American? Pyramid Research doesn't think so. It says that 51 percent of French households will embrace that very American phenomenon, the triple play, by 2015. Story.

> Connected TVs might be connected but that doesn't mean viewers will use them the way they use computers, according to Dan Cryan of Screen Digest. He thinks that social networking will be social anathema because TVs don't provide the privacy of PCs and phones. Story.

> Speaking of connected TVs, consumers are finding that they might need a doctorate in electrical engineering to successfully navigate the smart, or connected, TV space. An amusing overview of the complicated world of connected TV presented by Richard Kastelein concludes that "Consumers are going to have some challenges in figuring all this out and buying their TVs in 2011. That's for sure. It's like untangling a decade of cables from behind the TV."

And finally ... in the always interesting (to beancounters) world of money, Charter Communications (Nasdaq: CHTR) said that it closed "on the public sale of $1.1 billion in aggregate principle amount of senior unsecured notes due 2019." Since the MSO announced this in a news release, it must be important to someone.

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