'Good old competition' flares between Frontier and Comcast over video claims

Frontier (NYSE: FTR) has taken umbrage with a Comcast (Nasdaq: CMCSA) marketing campaign that claims "Frontier pulled the plug on FiOS" and encourages Frontier customers to switch to Xfinity.

The brouhaha harkens back to Frontier's moves to slip away from FiOS in favor of DirecTV (Nasdaq: DTV) as an anchor video product. That part's true, but it doesn't mean Frontier is abandoning its fiber optic network, Frontier's Mike Kelley told the Fort Wayne, Ind. Journal-Gazette.

"It simply isn't true," Kelley said of Comcast's multimedia campaign. "They were supposed to pull the billboards down by Monday, but that obviously hasn't happened. We took them at their word and thought they would honor it. Our attorneys have been active with this."

Comcast has launched similar campaigns in Frontier's Oregon and Washington markets as part of what Kelley called "good old-fashioned competition."

A Comcast spokeswoman was circumspect when asked about the fuss, noting only that she couldn't comment on the company's marketing efforts.

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