Google as an IPTV wholesaler?

A column at Seeking Alpha suggests that Internet giant Google has viability as an IPTV wholesaler, especially for smaller service providers who don't have the wherewithal to negotiate content deals with many, often larger content owners. It's another variation on how Google might impact and align with traditional telecom network operators, though I wonder if carriers who could most use the help might be a bit overwhelmed by the prospect of working with Google, and a bit fearful of becoming pawns for Google's own video whims. With the departure of SES Americom from the IPTV wholesale business, there may now be a void that Google could more than amply fill, but is the audience big enough for Google?

Also, there are companies like Vudu and Hulu that those carriers might be more ready to trust in one-on-one relationships in which their own brands would not be overshadowed. Still, a move by Google into the market would be welcome, especially as service providers seek a smooth integration and packaging of Internet video and traditional TV/movie content.

For more:
- Seeking Alpha has this column

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