Google Fiber will take on TW Cable with upcoming launch in Mission, Kansas

Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) added Mission, Kan., a city where Time Warner Cable currently provides broadband service, to its list of cities that will receive the Google Fiber service.

In a blog entry, Google noted that Mission will become part of the "Silicon Prairie" thanks to Mission's city council, which voted to bring the service to its citizens. Google said it didn't know when Fiber will be launched in Mission because the company has a lot of work to do before that can happen.

Google launched the $120 monthly cable TV and Internet bundle in Kansas City, Kan., last October, and has since expanded the service to Kansas City, Mo. It has also announced plans in recent months to expand Google Fiber to Austin, Texas, Provo, Utah, and Shawnee, Kan. Time Warner Cable offers Internet service in Mission, Kan., and advertises one price plan of 50 Mbps for $75 per month.

Google hasn't disclosed how many subscribers have ordered Google Fiber. However, it has said it will build the service by demand, meaning it will focus on "fiberhoods," or neighborhoods of 250-1,500 households that sign up for the Google Fiber service.

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