Google invites cable service providers to run on its fiber network

Google has issued an invitation to broadband ISPs like Comcast, Verizon and AT&T (and all the other cable operators, probably) to come in and offer service on its proposed 1 gig FTTH network. Google has already made it clear that the network will be a wholesale play for others to buy space, and now it's getting down to the basics of who those 'others' could be.

"Our general attitude has been that there's plenty of room for innovation right now in the broadband space and it's great what the cable companies are doing, upgrading to DOCSIS 3.0, but no one company has a monopoly on innovation," said Google in a statement carried on

The biggest problem--and there are manifold problems--is that Google's plans are still no more than sketches on a white board or slides in a PowerPoint presentation. No fiber has been laid. Secondly, cable and other carriers aren't especially fond of the search engine for, among other things, its stance on net neutrality. The more likely scenario is that the big boys will look at the offer and politely (or perhaps not so politely) shake their heads and decline and, if the network is ever built, smaller ISPs will jump on board.

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