Google TV gets boost from STMicroelectronics

Google's (Nasdaq: GOOG) effort to move into the TV space is getting a boost from chipmaker STMicroelectronics, which has upgraded its Software Development Kit 2 (SSDK2) to permit the development of Android-compliant devices. This includes supporting the latest Google services for TV, the chipmaker said in a press release.

The development kit is being made available across ST's set-top box and home gateways and includes provisions that fully support the security requirements of Google services for TV. It has, the company said, passed certification of leading conditional access providers required to deploy pay TV services throughout the world.

At present, Google services for TV are available only through a process that includes connecting a "buddy box" between the existing set-top and the TV.

"ST's new SDK2-Android 1.0 release will allow STB manufacturers to offer a simple solution that pre-integrates support for Google services for TV, combining OTT content and traditional premium pay TV content without requiring consumers to buy additional gear," the press release said.

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- STMicrolectronics issued this press release

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