Google TV plot thickens

The New York Times reported that Google, Intel and Sony are working on a Google TV platform that apparently will focus on improving set-top box navigation of Internet-based TV and video content, as well as social media and other applications. Reportedly, the aim is to have an Android-based open platform and an accompanying toolkit to encourage application developers to work with Google TV. The platform also may incorporate the Google Chrome browser for search functions. The story also says that Logitech has been engaged for device design, though the companies involved did not confirm the reports.

Another Android-based STB development would not be a huge surprise at this point, as Android STB activity has been heating up for months. However, the prospect of Google working with partners on its own STB, rather than integrating its system with existing STBs, is an additional, intriguing possibility raised by the report. This development also appears to tie in with recent news that Google and satellite TV provider Dish network are testing a TV search service that could have future implications for Google's targeted advertising ambitions.

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- The New York Times has this story

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