Group wants more time to comment on Comcast-NBC

The Media Access Project (MAP) wants more time to prepare comments opposing Comcast's proposed multi-billion dollar acquisition of NBC Universal. The FCC's present timetable calls for first comments by May 3, petitions to deny by June 2 and final responses June 17. MAP wants those dates to change to June 17, July 16 and August 1.

MAP President-CEO Jay Schwartzman has already made the organization's opposition clear, telling the House Committee on the Judiciary hearing in January that "combining NBC and Universal content with Comcast's cable and Internet distribution systems will give the merged company vastly increased power over content and distribution markets," Schwartzman says. "Depending on the circumstance, Comcast could choose to withhold its programming or force it upon competitors at inflated rates. This in turn will increase cable bills and deprive customers of access to programming from diverse sources."

In this instance, MAP believes it needs more time to marshal forces to oppose the merger and is in a bind because the FCC "has established an unusually large number of filing deadlines in important proceedings over the next two months."

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