Ham operators have towering issue; More on TiVo suits

> It seems that everything can be recycled. A group of local ham radio operators, the Kentucky Colonels Amateur Radio Club and the Kentucky 4th District Amateur Radio Services want broadcasters to donate residential TV towers that are becoming obsolete because people watch cable, satellite and telco TV. Story.

> Tel Aviv-based chip design company PrimeSense is providing 3D sensor technology for Project Natal, the upcoming motion control system for Microsoft's Xbox that, in addition to playing games could be used to scroll through cable TV channels or DVD menus by waving a hand in the air instead of having to use a remote control. Story.

> Somehow cable is out of the legal muck surrounding TiVo and its fight with service providers. Things got stickier as AT&T and Verizon Communications filed separate countersuits against TiVo--which had already sued telcos over patents. The telco suits say TiVo is infringing on their technology. In a separate but related case, Dish Network and EchoStar were ordered to pay $300 million in damages and sanctions to TiVo but got an extension until April 30. Story.

> Perhaps the cable duopoly is turning into a triopoly--or whatever happens when it's three dominating a space instead of two. A Trefis forecast suggests that Motorola will lose share in the digital TV box market due to Cisco's increasing dominance and Apple TV's entry. Of course Apple won't bode well for Cisco either. Story.

> The American Cable Association wants the FCC to take prompt action on Express Digital's request to exempt low-cost, limited function HD set-tops from its separable security requirements. The request was made about eight months ago and, according to a letter from ACA president Matt Polka to FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski, the matter needs to be placed on public notice now so smaller operators can move from analog to digital. Organization Site.