HbbTV standard submitted to ETSI; EBU wants alignment

Work on the hybrid broadcast broadband TV standard (HbbTV) has built up over 2009, and as the year closes, there has been a flurry of HbbTV activity. In recent days, the standard has been submitted to the European Telecommunication Standards Institute, and was the subject of an interoperability event involving at least 20 companies, according to InteractiveTV Today.

Now, a major international broadcasting body, the General Assembly of the European Broadcasting Union, has put its support behind the hybrid broadcast broadband evolution, while highlighting the importance of interoperability at a common core between various hybrid technologies, such as HbbTV, the Project Canvas scheme, Multimedia Home Platform and CTV.

With progress on HbbTV and Canvas in particular and the great interest displayed in hybrid approaches at recent events such as TelcoTV 2009, it's no surprise that some are now looking for common ground between the different technologies.

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