HD quality versus channel quantity

Fewer channels, better quality, says Rodolfo La Maestra in HDTV Magazine. La Maestra notes the degradation of hi-def content since it became available just a few years ago. Ever higher compression is applied so cable and satellite providers can squeeze 300 channels into an offering. Early adopters know the difference, he says.

Most IPTV providers consider hi-def necessary to compete with cable and satellite, and quality could be one potential advantage over quantity. Typical multichannel video offerings comprise more than 100 channels; typical viewers watch seven to 12.

La Maestra tells his consumer audience to do a quality comparison before switching to IPTV, which is something telcos may want to do in-house before making too much hay of HD. If there is an obvious difference in quality, hi-def could be a selling point that trumps an endless number of channels no one watches.

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