Hillcrest Labs aims remote control at smartphone segment

Hillcrest Labs, widely known in the TV services sector as an innovator of TV navigation software and devices, is now targeting the mobile smartphone market. The company is starting to sell its Freespace Motion Engine software, which includes motion-sensitive remote control technology, to mobile phone makers.

Hillcrest Labs Freespace mobile

Hillcrest Labs' Freespace MotionEngine Mobile software.

Hillcrest has been offering its own Freespace-based remote control device to pay TV service providers, and also has been selling technology licenses to TV device makers with some success. However, mobile is a booming market that tends to adopt new innovations more quickly than the pay TV operators and TV manufacturers that otherwise have been Hillcrest's primary targets thus far.

Still, Hillcrest has had experiences of bad market timing in the past, having touted a Web TV browser capable of accessing Hulu content in 2010, only to see Hulu quickly block access from the browser. A Hillcrest official acknowledged to the Washington Post that Hillcrest needs to overcome the fact that some smartphones already have a cheaper form of motion-sensing remote control software, and that Hillcrest must convince them that something better is worth paying for.

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