Home networks to bring energy flexibility

Home networks, in which IPTV capabilities will play a central role, are likely to see future integration inside the home with technologies that currently allow smart metering of utilities outside the home. That integration will give residential consumers greater control of in-home energy usage, management and costs, according to ABI Research senior analyst Sam Lucero, who has authored a report on the subject.

Such "home area networks" will connect meters to "smart thermostats" and other in-home devices like air conditioners and washer/dryer units. While a few utilities today manage peak demand by directly capping these load centers' usage, a HAN system would allow the homeowner to specify a mix of consumption and efficiency across a range of devices. Lucero highlights current and new wireless technologies, such as ZigBee, Z-Wave, 6loWPAN, and HomePlug Command and Control (HPCC), as having the capability to support such applications.

Could all of those IP-enabled TVs can play a role as the interface to a home energy command center?

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