How much is too much to attach to a pole?; Comcast teaching kids about broadband

> While someone will probably first need to determine how much is too much, the American Cable Association (ACA) wants to see an end to a federal exemption that lets electric cooperatives and municipally owned utilities charge "excessive fees" to rural cable operators who need to connect to their poles, conduits and other facilities to deliver services. News release.

> Advanced advertising and interactive television enabled by EBIF and tru2way will be highlighted at CableLabs's CableNET exhibit at this year's Cable Show, offering the public the best available hint on what cable thinks are important trends for its future. News release.

> Russian service provider Comstar is cutting back on DOCSIS and beefing up its Ethernet as part of a network modernization plan that will affect two million cable TV and 400,000 broadband subscribers. Story.

> Comcast and One Economy have engaged in an after-school "technology learning and service initiative" to teach young people in the Morgantown, W.Va. area about broadband technologies. No word on whether the syllabus will deal with net neutrality. News release.

> Cyber International is hyping what it calls its Tivia System home media platform that is "capable of fully managing the acquisition and distribution of all types of media, including digital content, data and communications" to enable a smart home. News release.