Hulu CEO talks with FCC about impact of Comcast-NBCU deal

FCC officials and staff met for hours in multiple meetings with Hulu CEO Jason Kilar Wednesday, as the regulator continued to look into how Comcast's purchase of NBC Universal would affect online video.

Kilar and other Hulu staff met with Commissioners Mignon Clyburn and Meredith Baker; the Chairman Julis Genachowski's chief of staff Eddie Lazarus and senior counsel Rick Kaplan; and the head of the team reviewing Comcast and NBC's merger, John Flynn, reports the Washington Post. It's not the first time Hulu's been called on by the FCC, the company has had at least four other meetings with the commission as it weighs whether to allow Comcast's purchase of the media entity from General Electric.

The Post said discussions focused on revenue models and cost structure, program acquisition, advertising sales and audience measurement, as well as the relationship between pay-TV providers and online video distribution services like Hulu.

Also discussed: the evolving video marketplace and competition in the space.

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