Hulu loops: Plus service cut to $8; parents concerned; set-top claims victory

It's been a tough few days for Hulu, starting with the fact that the service has already sliced its Hulu Plus subscription to $8 even before it's officially launched to the public and ending with the claims of a new set-top box, Orb, that claims it will make it impossible for Hulu to stop from accessing its free-to-consumer content.

In between, in what might be even more harrowing news, the Parents Television Council has raked Hulu over its coals for failing to protect children from harmful content. If there's any consolation in this, it's the fact that Hulu got the best grade from among four services that include Comcast (Nasdaq: CMCSA) Fancast, AOL (NYSE: AOL) Slashcontrol and online video streaming from AT&T (NYSE: T).

"Our report clearly shows that these corporate entertainment behemoths, which invest millions of dollars promoting their online video distribution outlets, are failing to protect kids on the Web," PTC president Tim Winter said. "Most parents understand that the Internet can be a dangerous place for children to consume video entertainment."

So much for young people cutting the cord, huh?

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