'Hybrid TV' taking off in Europe

The idea of mixing and matching traditional TV--or at least traditional IPTV--with online video is taking off in Europe. Swedish telecom and IPTV service provider Com Hem plans to launch a multiscreen service to 1.74 million households this spring using TiVo, and in Germany, smart TV app Panorama TV is attracting millions of views.

The Swedish service will bring together traditional TV, OTT and applications through a TiVo interface for set-tops, tablets, smartphones and browser-based TV experiences, according to a TMCNet report.

"TiVo will be a significant part of our future plans, which will redefine our subscriber proposition with features like TV Everywhere, remote recording, universal search, smart recommendations and access to a wide range of third party interactive applications," Tomas Franzen, CEO of Com Hem, told the publication.

TiVo came out on top after Com Hem "reviewed a number of alternatives to find the best way to offer our customers the absolute best television experience by providing a full suite of linear television services, VOD and broadband-delivered content… to every room and device in and out of our customers' home," Franzen added.

In Germany, Feratel reported over a million views for smart TV app Panorama, which shows "live images from over 250 European destinations in HD quality, giving weather conditions as well as tourist information from the region," according to a story in Broadband TV News.

The service is available on a variety of devices, including IP-connected devices and interactive smart TVs such as ones produced by Samsung, which has reported 25,000 views per day. Deutsche Telekom's Entertain IPTV service is also getting big hits, with a reported 20,000 daily views being recorded.

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