Industry intensifies push toward MPEG DASH for digital rights management

The digital rights management environment has become very fragmented in recent years with companies like Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT), Adobe (Nasdaq: ADBE) and Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) offering their own DRM flavors, and preferences varying from one content company to the next. That means vendors and service providers have had to be ready to support multiple DRM technologies.

In talking to several content security vendors recently for an upcoming Fierce ebook on the topic, I learned that the complexities of that fragmented environment could be eased over the next year and a half if the industry begins movement toward a unified standard like the one proposed by the MPEG Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP protocol (MPEG DASH).

At this week's IPTV World Forum, video encoder company Harmonic pushed for aggressive adoption of MPEG DASH as a solution to the excessive and costly work that currently must be done before  content can be displayed on different devices.

Several other companies have expressed support for MPEG DASH, and have started joining the DASH Promoters Group that launched last month. Predictably, however, notoriously proprietary Apple is among those that is keeping its feelings about MPEG DASH guarded for now.

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