Infonetics: 155 million IPTV subs by 2013

Infonetics Research says in the latest edition of its IPTV and switched digital video report that there will be about 155 million subscribers to pure and hybrid IPTV services by 2013, and that these services will be worth about $56 billion to the teclos offering them. IP set-top box revenue for vendors is expected to increase at an average of 14 percent per year to 2013. Those findings are in the first-quarter 2009 edition of the Infonetics report "IPTV and Switched Digital Video Equipment, Services, and Subscribers."

The reports also indicates that revenue tied to sales of servers enabling video-on-demand and content streaming will triple between 2008 and 2013 as carriers beef up video services and flexible ordering capabilities.

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Here's the Infonetics press release

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