Infonetics: Q2 hurt IPTV, SDV spending

Infonetics Research announced new numbers for the IPTV and switched digital video market that are not going to make service providers or vendors engaged in the North America market feel very good. Infonetics said the IPTV and SDV equipment market "declined sharply" in the second quarter of this year, largely due to declines in IPTV and SDV subscriber additions by service providers in North America and other regions during that particular quarter.

Still, service providers specifically in Asia, Europe, and Latin America continue to invest in video-related gear at a healthy pace. Other findings from Infonetics included the fact that North America's share of the overall IPTV and SDV equipment markets was down from 47 percent to 38 percent between the first quarter and the second quarter. Also, the IPTV set-top box market was down 10 percent, but the IP video encoder market was up 8 percent

Also notable: Infonetics said IPTV service activation times "are ranging from days to weeks, sending through the roof the cost to pass homes and turn up subscribers, prompting IPTV operators to push harder for well-defined interoperability standards."

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- Here's the Infonetics Research press release

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